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What is CrossCheck?

An international network collaborating on investigations

We inspire and launch collaborative projects around the world, helping newsrooms respond to the challenges posed by the digital era and information disorder.

CrossCheck projects all work to the same set of editorial standards, and bring together renowned journalists, researchers, innovators and technologists to investigate news-critical information.

CrossCheck has brought newsrooms together in projects across the globe, such CrossCheck in France, Brazil’s Comprova, Spain’s Comprobado and Nigeria’s CrossCheck Nigeria.


How do CrossCheck projects work?

Members of the public can submit a piece of content they want to be verified, such as a text post, video, image, article, document or other form of online content.

Journalists from partner organisations then launch an investigation on the CrossCheck platform, a tool used by journalists to conduct their investigations. They collaborate in real time to build evidence, detail the steps taken to verify a piece of content, discuss their findings and reach a conclusion about whether the post is trustworthy.

For an investigation to be published as a report on the public CrossCheck website, at least three organisations must have reviewed and agreed with the steps and the conclusion.

Throughout this process, all partner organisations work under the same set of rules, which are established in the CrossCheck Code of Principles. They are committed to carrying out investigations impartially, and adhering to strict journalistic criteria when selecting, verifying and validating claims from social media.


Supported by First Draft

First Draft is a non-profit organisation dedicated to fighting disinformation globally.

CrossCheck builds on First Draft’s ongoing work bringing competing newsrooms together to establish trusted relationships and effective collaboration, while the project’s methodology and technology is informed by First Draft’s research and recommendations. The data CrossCheck collects from each project will be made available to First Draft to further inform their work in analysing the global disinformation landscape. CrossCheck is also supported by the Google News Initiative, one of its founding partners.